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One of the most important ways donations come in are through monthly gifts. These monthly gifts help us sustain the important operations of Prevent, Reach and Develop. Consistent giving is of the utmost importance. Giving monthly is simple. You pick the amount, the day it should be deducted, and your gift is automatically taken out on that day of the month for the amount you predetermined. You have full control of changing the donation amount at any time. Another option is to mail in a check or cash.

One Time

One time gifts are a blessing to One Eighty. Without these gifts it would be difficult for us to function as an organization, especially at the end of the year. Gifts to One Eighty can be made online, by check or by cash. Here is an example of how your one time gift can make a difference:

                $500 – Provides lice treatment for a family

                $1,500- Sponsors an entire community outreach event like a cook out

                $7,500 – Covers the cost for one of our residents to experience a full 14 months of our residential program. 


Church Sponsorship

Our heart is to get the church involved in the community and the community involved in the church. We can’t do that without the buy in from the local church. We look to churches to support us both financially and by providing volunteers. One of the great things about being a church sponsor is that it gives us a chance to work with your congregation and train and equip them to make a difference in our community. Some churches choose to sponsor monthly, some quarterly, and some yearly. Historically church sponsorship has been a large part of our income. We are available to meet with staff, speak to your missions/outreach committee or even speak to your congregation sharing testimonies of how church support makes a difference in this organization.


Business Sponsorship

Business sponsorships are crucial to the success of One Eighty’s mission. Our partnerships with business sponsors allow us to underwrite fundraising and outreach events, sponsor specific projects and offset administrative costs. In addition, support from business partners provides valuable encouragement to our residents to complete One Eighty’s program. One Eighty actively promotes and thanks our business partners during events, in our newsletter and through social media. 


Stocks and Bonds

Whether it be Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, UIT’s, ETF’s, REIT’s etc… Donating appreciated marketable securities can be mutually beneficial to the donor and One Eighty. Many investors hold assets that have appreciated greatly over the years. Along with that growth comes Capital Gain taxes. Should the investor decide to gift all or just the growth portion of the appreciated asset to One Eighty, not only does the Capital gain tax liability disappear but the dollar value of the donation becomes a charitable tax deduction. Please see the below example.


Purchase 1,000 shares of XYZ stock at $10 per share = $10,000 cost basis

XYZ grows to $30 per share = $30,000 current value and $20,000 Capital Gain

Sold at $30 per share = $20,000 Capital gain X 15% Long Term Capital Gain tax = $3,000 tax debt

If not sold and 2/3rds of the shares are gifted = $20,000 tax deduction x 31% = $6,200 tax savings


Legacy Giving

As with nearly all of our most valuable material assets, (Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, Annuities, 401K’s, etc) a beneficiary is put in place by the owner to make certain the asset is directed to the desired person or place at the time of the owner’s passing. These directions are often indicated by assigning certain percentages of the asset to be divided among loved ones, charitable foundations, or other organizations of interest. We’ve come to find that many of the heirs in this situation find it very comforting that their loved ones have chosen to designate One Eighty as one of those places as part of their ongoing Legacy. It creates a lasting memory of the good things in this world that were and will continue to be important to their loved one, themselves and generations to follow. 


Estate Planning

A number of our supporters are nearing the age of 70. For those of them who have dollars in tax deferred (qualified) retirement plans, this means forced distributions. Otherwise called Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) that increase incrementally each year. These distributions are taxable at incomes levels as high as 36%. The distributions must begin the year in which the owner reaches the age of 70 ½ and continue until all funds have been withdrawn or upon death, when in most cases, the surviving spouse must continue the taxable distributions. A mindful tax strategy often employed to offset tax liability in this situation is preplanned charitable giving. For those whose estate is in order and Legacy giving is currently in place, charitable donations of RMD dollars accomplish two goals.

1.Dollar for dollar offset of taxable income via equal deductible donation amounts, thus eliminating RMD tax liability.

2.Seeing their gifted dollars at work and being a significant part of a ministry they truly believe in. 



For all nonprofit organizations a steady, consistent, predictable stream of income is imperative for current and future success. That necessary source of income is what makes it possible for One Eighty to continue serving our community and to do the difficult work that God has called us into service for. A wonderful vehicle available to accomplish this type of funding is through the Endowment Fund facilitated by the Community Foundation of the Greater River Bend. This organization will create and manage an Endowment Fund in One Eighty’s name with an initial contribution of $10,000. This fund would then be able to accept donations from other donors also, thereby increasing the distribution amount annually while creating an unending cash flow and generational legacy. 


Property and Possessions

Property and possessions help supply needs without having to dip into our budget. This could be vehicles, mowers, homes, land, etc. Donations of this kind provide a tax write off, and give One Eighty valuable assets.


If you have questions or would like to donate to further the cause of one eighty, please contact Rusty Boruff

(pictured here) directly!



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