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D E V E L O P 

One Eighty develops people coming out of crisis, poverty and addiction.


Residential Program

We offer a 14-month residential program for men and women coming out of crisis, poverty, addiction or incarceration. This is a difficult program designed to help people who really want to change their life. It isn’t easy but it’s worth it. 

  • An application is required to enter the program. It can be filled out online or printed and returned:

  • After an application is received, a supervisor will reach out to begin a conversation. 

  • An interview will be set up and our leadership team will determine if it’s a good fit.

  • There is typically a wait time and that will be discussed with the supervisor.


The program is set up in phases. Each phase has different rules and freedoms as residents work toward graduation. We teach Christian principles, connect them with mentors, and help with furthering their skills and education. Each week they spend 25 plus hours in classes, Bible studies and church. They also spend 30 hours in our career training program, One Eighty Enterprises, where we train them in new job skills. More details about the program can be found in the application linked above. 











Stability Housing

Upon successful completion of the program, residents can choose to live in stability housing. This is affordable, safe, clean, sober housing that is near the campus (within walking distance) to allow them to stay connected. We know that addiction is a lifelong battle for most and staying connected is so important. 


Affordable Housing

Home ownership changes communities. We offer a “rent with the option to buy” program for some of the families identified by Davenport Schools along with graduates of our program. We utilize our One Eighty Enterprises to renovate old, abandoned or otherwise undesirable houses and turn them into amazing homes for deserving families! Families pay an affordable rent and within a certain amount of years will have the ability to own a home debt free! It also beautifies neighborhoods and gives kids a stable environment setting them up to succeed. 

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