D E V E L O P 

Develop: To develop those who were in crisis, poverty, and addiction.


Men’s & Women’s Residential Program


o   One Eighty houses men and women in our residential program who are coming out of incarceration, domestic abuse, sex trafficking, homelessness, or addiction. We teach them Christian principals, connect them with mentors, and help with furthering their skills and education. Each week, they spend 25 plus hours in classes, Bible studies and church. They also spend 25 hours in our work program (One Eighty Enterprises) where we actually train them, and teach them about entrepreneurship and employment.


Click here to apply for our men's or women's residential program.


Once you have read through the application and completed the form, someone will contact you within 7-10 days to begin the interview process. 


·        Men’s & Women’s Stability Housing


·        Affordable Housing in partnership with Davenport Schools


Non-residential Resources


  •  We also offer “The Turn” a recovery program that is open to the Community and includes a support group for loved ones who are walking through this difficult journey with someone struggling with addiction or incarceration. We have a fall and a spring session. Call the office or watch our Facebook page for specifics on dates and times. 

  • Additional non-residential classes are available as well. Call or email for more information. 

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