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One Eighty works to PREVENT repeating cycles of crisis, poverty and addiction.


We believe every child has immense potential – unfortunately, many of the kids we

serve in West Davenport have that potential thwarted by the cycles of addiction, crisis and

poverty affecting their families.


We partner with local churches, volunteers and public schools to help PREVENT these repeating cycles. We know that when we break cycles of destruction in the lives of children, they have hope for the abundant life God offers.


We have found  that THREE things help kids build resilience and fulfill their potential. 

1. A stable environment at home and school.

 One Eighty comes alongside struggling families to ensure basic needs of kids are met by

providing in-school food pantries, beds for kids sleeping on floors, or other practical supports.

These practical measures help kids be ready to learn while at school. 


2. Connection to caring adults and opportunities. 

We create pathways to connection such as free baseball and basketball leagues at neighborhood schools, free tutoring, and access to enrichment activities through Opportunity for All. Such connections can change a child’s beliefs about their purpose, their potential and their future. And changing a child’s future is what changes our community. Our hope and prayer is to connect every child in need with a positive supporter from our community

3. A faith foundation

This foundation provides a struggling child with hope for the future and confidence they are loved. We sponsor Quest for Christ clubs that meet in public schools and open our doors to kids and their parents every Saturday morning at West End Initiative. 


Interested in volunteering? Find out more on the Volunteer Page.

Here are some basics about the programs we offer:

In – School Food Pantries

We partner with River Bend Food Bank and select Davenport Community School buildings to provide students and their families access to wholesome, fresh food twice a month. Staff at the school identify families who can use the in-school pantry. Most food is provided by River Bend Food Bank. One Eighty works with local churches to provide the volunteers to run the pantries. 

School Support

We partner with the school to act as a social service provider to help meet some of the needs students may have that the school can't fulfill. We provide things like lice treatment, bed bug treatment, furniture, bed, etc to families that the school identifies and refers to us. 

Athletic Leagues

We run free baseball and basketball leagues for students attending specific elementary schools in West Davenport so they can connect with positive adult mentors, learn new skills, and experience successful teamwork. We also offer golf and basketball camp. 


Opportunity for All

We operate the Opportunity for All mini-grant program to connect students to enrichment

activities in our community. Students are nominated by staff in Davenport Schools grants to

participate in things like martial arts, dance, music lessons, art classes and sports teams. Our

goal is to remove barriers to kids having a full and rich childhood experience. We are thrilled to partner with community organizations that cater to kids. WATCH THIS VIDEO​


Quest for Christ

We invite elementary students to connect with Jesus and each other once a week before or after school at our Quest for Christ clubs. We offer a fun-filled hour of Bible teaching, high-energy games, music and laughter. It’s a unique way for kids to explore their faith alongside school peers.



We offer one on one tutoring for kids who are enrolled in the fully online option for school. This is a great chance to make a positive impact in the life of a student who may just need a little help adjusting to online school!


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