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Family Members of Individuals Battling Addiction

A support group for the family members of people battling addiction will begin meeting in the summer of 2024 led by individuals who have gone through the experience of loving someone caught in addiction. This group is a place for others to gather information, strategies, emotional and spiritual support, and hope as they suffer alongside their loved one in addiction. To receive specific information about the meeting time and location of this group, please submit your interest here. 

Information on Addiction

Quad Cities/Eastern Iowa info - Center for Alcohol and Drug Services 

General information - Partnership to End Addiction

How to talk to my teens about addiction - A Parent's Guide to Addiction by Axis


Help getting sober - Sober Buddy

Basic Needs Resources

Celebrate Recovery

     Meeting at Edgewood Church (Moline) 

     Meeting at Pleasant View Baptist Church (Bettendorf)

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings - see full listing here

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings - see full listing here

Local Support Groups

If you are looking for resources in the Quad Cities to help you find food, shelter, clothing, mental health support, or other basic needs, please search on The Quad Cities Open Network

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