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We believe true healing and life change comes only when someone understands their purpose in this world. One Eighty Enterprises is our tool for connecting our residents to purposeful work that allows them to learn new skills, contribute to the greater good, and discover their passion for a career. This work provides them a record of recent employment and a professional job reference when they eventually seek outside employment.


Residents at One Eighty are trained and work for One Eighty Enterprise businesses about 30 hours a week. All Enterprise businesses are started and run by graduates of our program. The profit from Enterprises goes directly back into One Eighty to help offset costs of running our ministry. Our Enterprise businesses are available for hire by the general public to do work such as landscaping, lawn-care, snow removal, commercial cleaning, and light remodeling. We also make hand crafted caramels as part of our Inspired Creations.


One Eighty Enterprises are insured, and our prices are competitive. Because we are a ministry and training program, our work sometimes takes a little longer for us to complete, but your patience means you are partnering with us in life change. Thank you for investing in our residents as they identify and live out their life purposes.

Our Partner4Purpose Pledge

When you hire One Eighty Enterprises, you are partnering with One Eighty to build a bridge to the future for people recovering from homelessness, addiction, crisis, and poverty. Your work gives our people job skills, an employment history, and an encouraging and sober work environment. We spend extra time developing and mentoring our people on the job. We pledge our Enterprises staff are well-trained, supervised, hardworking and thorough. We ask for your partnership in giving us the time and flexible hors to invest in our people.

Please complete the Enterprises Quote Request if you would like more information on a specific service. Please allow two full business days for us to respond to your request.



We offer the following services. Click on the logos below for more information about each service.

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