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One Eighty REACHES out into our community in a variety of ways including:


Mercer County Initiative 

This group of volunteers leads a community outreach in Mercer County, Illinois including a food pantry in Keithsburg, IL. This is a unique pantry in a rural area where they don’t have a lot of access to other food pantries. We are also able to offer prayer, build relationships and help meet other needs as they arise. 


One Eighty App

We created an app a few years ago designed to connect people in need with valuable resources in our Quad Cities community. We know there are great resources but sometimes finding them can be a challenge. With this interactive map people can locate places to help with their needs. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT


Central Community Circle

At One Eighty, we believe in investing in the neighborhood around us. Specifically here at 6th and Marquette, this means Central Community Circle which represents this neighborhood. This is a faithful group of a few neighbors who care about the community and are dedicated to making it better. One Eighty has come alongside them and done what we can to help them reach their goals. This includes things like advocating for things like a roundabout to make the neighborhood safer for both cars and pedestrians to hosting neighborhood meetings to community clean ups with neighbors and other non profits in the area. 


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