Have you ever met someone with all the potential in the world yet they’re struggling to find their way? Maybe it’s your son or daughter, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter, friend, spouse, or maybe it’s even you. So you or your loved one is in the toughest moment of their life…what now? Cell 121 is an adventures real life story of one man’s journey from a jail cell to an author and entrepreneur. At some point, we’ve all been stuck in a jail cell. It may be physical bars, emotional bars, or even spiritual bars. But they all use the same key…hope. Author Rusty Boruff leads us on a journey that will transform your life and renew your hope in your future and your loved ones. What you will soon find out is that the key to unlock your cell will also lead you to the launching pad of why you were created. You weren’t born to just live and die, you were born to make a difference. Part 1: Your Jail: We each have a jail cell. You may not be surrounded by iron bars but if we are honest, we each have our struggles which often times imprison us. Rusty helps readers discover their jail by facing and identifying their struggles head on. He then helps us understand our jail cell and creates a battle plan to fight the struggle. He then teaches us how to maintain our jail and live with the struggles and the consequences of those struggles. Part 2: Your Key: The crazy thing about it…is that we all have the same key. Rusty helps readers identify their key and explains how we tap into the power that is there to set us free. We then learn how to understand the key and how we can use it to unlock other areas of our life. Lastly, Rusty teaches us how to maintain the key we’ve been given and how to keep living in freedom once we obtain it. Part 3: Your Catalyst: The key doesn’t just unlock our jail cell. It also unlocks our dreams and destinies. Our story soon becomes the catalyst for our purpose in life. Here we learn how to discovery our catalyst and how to identify the thing that will take us to the next level. Rusty helps us have a better understanding of the catalyst and empowers us to create an action plan for that dream to become a reality. He then assists us in tools to maintain the catalyst and how to enjoy freedom while living out our dream. "Rusty's story is a powerful example of what can happen when someone dares to believe that his future can be better than his past. The remarkable transformation in his own life is now making a huge impact in so many other lives and this book will inspire you to see how God can use all of our stories for the good." – Matthew West, Christian Recording Artist “A poignant reminder that we all have “jail cells” we allow into our lives. More importantly, Cell 121 reminds us we can redeem our past, make new decisions, discover the reason we were born, and make a difference in the world. An inspiring and hopeful message for anyone feeling trapped.” - Dan Miller, NY Times bestselling author 48Days.com "Cell 121 is a raw reminder about how God's grace and love is for everyone. Rusty's life is the perfect example of how God's love can always bring hope no matter what we may be going through. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you to be the person God created you to be, and leave you yearning for more of Christ's love." - Mike Gesell, professional basketball player “For two reasons I recommend Cell 121. First, the honesty of Rusty Boruff shines through every page. I don’t read that level of vulnerability in many books. Second, with simple, easy-to-read sentences, he exposes his own heart, but even more important, he reveals the love of God that embraces those labeled as losers, despairing, and downtrodden.” - Cecil Murphey is the author or coauthor of more than 130 books. Among them are 90 Minutes in Heaven; Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson story; and Knowing God Knowing Myself. www.cecilmurphey.com.

"Cell 121" Book by Rusty Boruff