Rusty Boruff spent years as a homeless addict, surviving from day to day and hit to hit. He lived for a party lifestyle, not realizing it merely masked the pain of abuse, heartbreak, and the slow erosion of his identity. When friends told him to slow down, he announced that he didn’t want to live past twenty-five anyway. He almost didn’t.

Eventually, he was incarcerated in an overcrowded jail, sleeping on a thin mat on the concrete floor because the jail had more inmates than beds.

One year into a potential fourteen-year sentence, he realized he wanted to change.

Now a certified relapse prevention counselor and employment specialist, Rusty shares how he transformed his life—and how his experiences can help others suffering through the pain of addiction, anger, and resentment.

Easy to use, honest, and raw in its emotional sincerity, 12:2 takes a holistic approach, working on spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. This is not a book written by a distanced professional—these are the words of someone who has stood where you stand now and survived. This book can help you take the first steps toward recovery.

"12:2" Book by Rusty Boruff