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2021 Golf Outing Updates

See who won pin prizes, raffles, & the 1st and 2nd place teams here.

Thanks again for coming to golf and supporting One Eighty!


Email to schedule a time to pick up your prize! Otherwise, we will reach out at the beginning of next week.


Longest Putt:
AM - Mark Yakish

PM - Demetrius Mingo

Closest to the Pin on the 2nd Shot:

AM - Souk Kong Kousouh

PM - Matt Oberhaus

Women's Longest Drive:

AM - Sue Orvis

PM - Karen Martin 

Men's Longest Drive:

AM - Wally Almquist

PM - Larry Meyer

1ST PLACE: Bill Sandry's Team (PM Group) 

16 Under Par

2ND PLACE: Tyler DeKeokkoek (PM Group)

15 Under Par


  1. 70” TV (Seth Pitts)

  2. Black & Decker 4 Tool Combo Kit (Matt Oberhaus)

  3. Vacuum Cleaner (Troy Young)

  4. Golf Basket (Streamline Architects)

  5. Firestick (Brian Nelson)

  6. Cooler (Kevin Humfry)

  7. Echo Dot (Greg Ketron)

  8. Golf Balls (Gary Collins)

  9. Wireless Ear Buds (Greg Ketron)

  10. Hotel Stay with $50 Food Credit (Allen Wendt)

  11. Instant Pot (Mike Loehr)

  12. Golf Balls (Shelley Potter)

  13. Golf Balls & Earbuds (Dennis King)

  14.  Craftsmen Air Compressor (Jason McKonich)

  15. Gift Basket with Lawn Chair (Dan Schoepf)

  16. “Manly” Basket (Gary Collins)

  17.  Valvoline Stool & Sweatshirts (Kevin Humfry)

  18.  Hawkeye Rug & Flag (Chris Miller)

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you enjoyed the day.


Questions on the golf outing? 


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