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One Eighty began out of the testimony of Rusty Boruff, the founder and Executive Director of One Eighty. Rusty spent many years as a homeless addict who eventually found himself sitting in Cell 121. He spent a year of his life behind bars and met Jesus there. He began dreaming about starting an organization to help people in his position. A few years later, he and a few friends bought a trailer for $500 and began what we now know as, One Eighty.

In just a short time, One Eighty has experienced incredible growth. Through the faithful dedication of a small staff and a lot of volunteers, God has taken them from that small trailer to an entire city block of properties in the west central part of Davenport, IA with hundreds of volunteers participating in initiatives ranging from school based ministries to jail outreach to a residential program. These initiatives and the partnerships with local school districts, governments and police departments have allowed them to make a real impact in their community.


One Eighty exists to bring hope, love and opportunity to people and communities impacted by crisis, poverty, or addiction.


One Eighty prevents crisis, poverty, and addiction before it happens, reaches out to those who are in crisis, poverty, and addiction and develops those who were in crisis, poverty, and addiction. We do this by helping people build a relationship with Jesus Christ and assisting local churches and organizations to connect with their communities. - You can also check out our GUIDESTAR page by clicking their logo. 

One Eighty Staff

Admin/Office Staff


Rusty Boruff                      Executive Director


Traci Oberhaus                  Director's Assistant


Kevin Howe                        Office Manager


Carmen Fish                      Finance Manager


Matt Griffin                        Maintenance Supervisor

Tony Klehn                          Project Supervisor




Prevent Staff


Cheryl Winger                   Prevent Coordinator


Jeff Breheny                      Prevent Supervisor


Amy Meskimen                 Prevent Administrative Assistant



Reach Staff


Kevin Barker                      Reach Coordinator



Develop Staff


Shelly Punke                      Develop Coordinator

Paul Elias                            Develop Advisor


Chad Williams                   Men's Home Supervisor


Justin Smith                      Men's Home Assistant Supervisor 

Deandre Walton              Men's Home Assistant Supervisor


Kirk Thompson                 Men’s Home Evening Supervisor


Dakotah Smith                Women's Home Supervisor


Nicole Worrick                Women's Home Assistant Supervisor


DJ Gatz                             Women's Home Evening Supervisor 



Enterprise Staff


Bryan  Green                    Living Lawns Supervisor

Seth Pitts                          Living Lawns Assistant Supervisor

Gabe Schminkey             Living Lawns Assistant Supervisor


Danielle Valentine           Commercial Cleaning Supervisor

Sabrina Blossom              Paint Supervisor

Ricky Vanderham           Remodeling Supervisor

Glenn Bowling                 Remodeling Assistant Supervisor


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