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Family Stability Housing 

It isn’t just drywall and lumber.

It’s a place where relationships are rebuilt.

As you know by now, for the second year in a row, our largest fundraiser of the year has been cancelled due to COVID-19. But this doesn’t mean we aren’t continuing to expand and even thrive at One Eighty. 


Meet Nicole. In 2010, she was a college educated dental assistant and a great mom to her kids. Unfortunately, after a series of events, a few short years later she found herself in an abusive relationship, had a miscarriage, was homeless and addicted to drugs. This resulted in losing her job and custody of her four children. In 2018, she ended up in jail where she was introduced to One Eighty and eventually became part of our 14-month residential program. 


Today, she is the Assistant Supervisor at our Women’s Facility. She’s been sober for 3+ years, and now shares custody of two of her kids. As inspiring as this story is; it is not a unique one. During their time in our program, many of our women residents go through the important process of restoring visitation and parental rights of their children. Sadly though, our current housing options do not accommodate families.  Our residents are then faced with the choice of leaving the program early, or not being able to get their kids back.


Not anymore. I want to introduce to you our brand new initiative: Family Stability Housing.


This new acquisition is a large 7-plex, separated into either 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom units. It isn’t just drywall and lumber. For many recovering moms, it’s their future; a new shot at redemption of their title as mother. It’s a place where they can rebuild relationships. 


The ability for a mother to go through a residential program like ours, and then move directly into affordable and accountable housing along with her kids is a first in the Quad Cities. It will set them up for success. With the continued growth we’ve had at our women’s home, we are seeing the need for this more and more frequently.


We need your help. One Eighty impacts the lives of those that we work with inside our schools, people in the community around Sixth and Marquette, and individuals going through our residential program. Our Dinner Fundraiser is vital to the success of each one of these programs. 


Thankfully, a small group of donors at One Eighty have pledged $75,000 of matching funds. This means every dollar you donate will be matched up to a total of $75,000 through the end of October. 


Your donation makes a difference.

You can give now online at the link below or mail a check to

601 Marquette St. Davenport, IA 52802

A Special Thank You to our Event Sponsors

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